Internal Audit

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    Internal audit is an independent unit, directly under the board of directors; In addition to the regular meeting of the Board Report, a monthly report to the chairman and general manager or when necessary. Zenvoce set new internal audit implementation rules, internal controls, internal audit review of the company's operating procedures, and report them to control the design and routine work practices are appropriate and effective and efficient; its scope encompasses all operations and its subsidiaries . Audit work is mainly based on the audit plan adopted by the Board to perform the audit plan is based on identification of risk have been drawn up as required to perform other ad hoc audit or review.
       The above general audit execution and project management to provide internal controls operating health, and provide timely management for their lack of understanding of the existing or potential additional pipelines. Internal audit review performed by each unit self-inspection, including checking whether the job execution and review documents to ensure the quality of execution and comprehensive test results themselves, the report of the Board. The company's internal audit unit configured full-time auditors.