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Burn-in Socket

Burn-in Socket

  • Three primary contact designs have been developed to satisfy customer
  • requirements for reliable electrical and mechanical interconnect.
  • These contacts leave small “witness marks” on the solder ball
  • and are available for Pb/Sn and Pb-free solder balls. The contacts,
  • which open to allow package insertion, touch the solder ball above
  • the equator when closed.
Product Roadmap
The future is clear – More I/O at smaller sizes
• Using the latest 3D design tools such as SolidWorks and non-linear FEA,
the Interconnection engineers create new designs to meet your schedule.
• The availability of on-site model shops and rapid prototyping facilities allows the
creation of prototypes so customers can evaluate new designs and concepts
in days instead of weeks.
• A comprehensive technical service laboratory with advanced thermal analysis
capabilities and wind tunnels allows Sensata to evaluate the thermal characteristics of
of the sockets.