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BM388Plus Ball Mount Tooling

BM388Plus Ball Mount Tooling

  • High Speed Linear Pick & Place Robots
  • Theta axis on stage for precise flux and ball position
  • Application both of carrier & substrate type ball mount process
  • Z axis height precise position by motorized lifter
  • Substrate placement press module
  • Max 15mm warpage substrate available
  • Substrate orientation inspection thru vision (PMI, Carrier type)
  • Rock & fill ball bin module
  • Tool damage protection feature using Quickstop
  • Highly flexible system with user friendly GUI
  • Variable speed control for Flux & Ball sweep with software parameter setting (beneficial for process evaluation)
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Carrier Length min 150min ~ max 325mm
Width min 50min ~ max 170mm
Placement area (Length) max 320mm
Placement area (Width) max 130mm
Thickness min 1mm ~ max 8mm
Ball size min 0.30mm ~ 0.76mm and above
Ball Pitch min 0.50mm ~ 1.50mm and above
Substrate Length min 150min ~ max 300mm
Width min 50min ~ max 100mm
Placement area (Length) min 140mm ~ max 290mm
Placement area (Width) min 45mm ~ max 95mm
Thickness min 0.5mm ~ max 2mm
Ball size min 0.15mm ~ 0.76mm and above
Ball Pitch min 0.30mm ~ 1.50mm and above
Achievable number of balls per mount cycle 60,000 balls
PMI resolution 0.020mm/pixel (Option 0.014mm/pixel)
Vision accuracy +-0.03mm@3sigma
Ball placement accuracy 1/3 ball offset